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How to replace a balance

Replacing a channel balance or “block & tackle” balance on a single-hung window Our new Energy Quest vinyl windows use a constant force steel coil balance that never needs replacement.  But what if you’ve already replaced your windows a few years ago? Sometimes they just need a little TLC to get them working like new

Not all Vinyl windows are created equal

Windows with vinyl frames are a smart choice when considering new windows for replacement or for new construction. Unlike wood, vinyl windows and patio doors will NEVER rot, swell, split or require any painting. When compared to aluminum or fiberglass, vinyl will NEVER corrode, pit or again, require any painting. Vinyl windows are pretty much

Spring is here! And so is the wind…

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Shelter from the storm, isn’t that what we are all looking for? March and April in New Mexico is the wind season. Our gusty winds blow last year’s tumbleweeds down the street and also blow a lot of dust and pollen into our

Benefits of Energy Quest Vinyl Windows with the Warm Edge Spacer System

As you probably are aware of, a well-insulated window helps keep your home’s interior comfortable while reducing costs on heating and cooling bills, and we at Glass-Rite of New Mexico are proud to share the following energy saving features of our Energy Quest Vinyl Windows: Non-conductive and heavy duty 3 ¼ inch vinyl frame Fusion

Maintain the Warm Look of Wood With Wood Clad Windows From Jeld-Wen

The windows in your home do more than let in light; they provide insulation and protection from the weather outside. Homeowners with wood windows can get the most out of their investment by opting for wood clad windows. The term clad window, or clad exterior window, refers to protective exterior coverage for wood windows, and

What Makes a Good Window?

When shopping for replacement windows, the buyer really is spoiled for choice. There’s a lot of stuff out there! We know it can be hard to make a decision, especially when you’re not entirely sure what you should be looking for, and what you should avoid. The following are some key points to help you

What’s The Right Way To Clean Glass?

What’s The Right Way To Clean Glass?   Glass-Rite has many different types of energy efficient insulated glass units, and they all use the same basic cleaning method. To Wash the Glass Use our super no-streak Glass-Rite cleaner available here at our shop! You can also use a pre-mixed vinegar based solution, or make your

Jeld-Wen AuraLast Wood Windows: Elegant, Practical & Long-Lasting

The right windows can transform a home by adding light, beauty, and style, while providing a bird’s eye view of the great outdoors. Now, with Auralast Wood windows—made with wood that does not rot— you can enjoy a lifetime’s worth of worry-free views.    Glass-Rite, the window replacement experts in New Mexico, is proud to

Looking for replacement aluminum windows? Glass-Rite has what you need.

Are the windows in your home old, unattractive, or not very energy efficient? If so, you may be considering replacement windows.  This article will explore features of aluminum windows to determine if aluminum replacement windows would be the best fit for your home. Customers choosing aluminum frames may do so for the following reasons: Aluminum