Your Questions Answered: What to expect when buying Glass-Rite windows

What kind of windows do I want?

Windows are no longer just a piece of glass with a wood frame. It’s 2020, we’ve made huge technological advances since the 1920’s. Whether you’re looking to replace your windows for aesthetic reasons or to save money on your energy bills, Glass-Rite can point you in the directions of the type of window best suited for your needs. From vinyl, aluminum or wood frames, to slider, single-hung, or picture windows, our Window Experts are here to help guide you in choosing the type of window that makes the most sense for your home! 

How does the installation process work?

There are as many types of installations as there are types of windows. Luckily, Glass-Rite is a manufacturer and an installer–allowing you to cut out the middleman. Our process begins with a free, in-home, no-pressure meeting with our Window Experts to provide you with a detailed and accurate quote. After the type and size of windows have been confirmed, we take it from there. Your custom windows will be manufactured locally, then delivered and installed within a few weeks. 

What is my warranty?

While most companies only offer a one year warranty, Glass-Rite offers a three year, full-service warranty. After three years, we offer a lifetime warranty on all parts of your window. 

How much is this going to cost?

We understand everyone wants the best price possible. That being said, sometimes paying a smaller price for an inferior product can cost you in the long run. At Glass-Rite we strive to offer the highest quality, locally-manufactured windows at a fair price. Our energy efficient windows will slowly peel money off your energy bills for years to come.  Start saving on your heating and cooling bills today!

Whether you are replacing just a few windows or your whole house, Glass-Rite is here to help.  Check out our full Guide on Replacement Windows, visit our showroom, or get a shop tour. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with all of your questions.  Call us up for a free, in-home estimate and get your project started today!