Even in a mild New Mexico winter, many homeowners see the highest energy bills of the year, due to drafty old windows. Because we understand that there is a special need for replacement windows in the coldest seasons, Glass-Rite installs beautiful new replacement windows year-round. Our Energy Quest vinyl windows are energy efficient, and will help reduce your home’s annual energy costs through maximized glass and frame insulation.  But is it ok to install them when it’s cold out?

During the fall, many homeowners frantically try to get windows installed in order to prepare for the cold winter months.   Many people are of the mind that windows should not be installed in the middle of the cold weather. At Glass-Rite we always see a surge of business in August through November as homeowners try to get their windows done.  Don’t panic!  Good windows can be installed year-round no matter the temperature.  Here are some questions that people might have:

  1. Will the caulk freeze or not set up?
    Nope.  If the installer uses a hybrid polyurethane caulk, the only one we use, this is not an issue.  These types of caulk are chemically cured, not temperature cured, and can be used at below freezing temperatures.  At Glass-Rite our installers use a hybrid caulking that is fast curing with no VOC’s.  Check it out here: http://www.tremcosealants.com/products/tremglaze-u1600.aspx
  2. Will my house get cold during the installation?
    This is all in the technique of the installer.  Good installers treat your home with respect and are respectful of the homeowners. They realize that they are a guest in your home and know not to leave the front door wide open.  We can close off rooms if necessary and our goal is to get the old window out and the new window in as quickly as possible in order not to disrupt the home’s temperature.  A good installer will prep the window for removal, and the window opening will only be “open” for a few minutes.   It’s an art–and a science that good installers have down pat.
  3. Will the window be as air-tight as a result of a winter installation?
    Yes!  Good vinyl windows are installed using a low or non-expansion foam that quickly seals out air and water.  This type of foam expands only just enough to form an effective seal that retains its elasticity as the structure expands and compresses.  At Glass-Rite we use ENERFOAM made by Dow to set all our windows.  This foam forms an airtight barrier by expanding to take shape of cracks and voids so our air infiltration numbers are next to nothing.  Learn more about ENERFOAM here: https://www.dow.com/en-us/products/enerfoamprofessionalfoamsealant

The final reason you should not delay your window installation is to save on the ever-increasing cost of energy.  If you wait until spring to replace your windows, you will pay money to the utility companies that you would have otherwise saved.  Why wait, you will also “feel” warmer.  That is another reason to get those drafty old windows replaced.  We’d be happy to get you started!  Call us for a free, in-home, no pressure estimate or visit us at our shop and showroom.  Some of our best deals happen in the coldest months!