We all know what someone means when they say “like bathroom glass”, right? Glass in bathroom windows is typically patterned or finished in a way that makes it less see-through, or

P62 Obs

Rain Glass

more “obscure”, than regular glass. Obscure glass comes in a range of different patterns. A great feature of Obscure glass is that you can use it to obscure the view through a window and still use it with Low-E glass. That means you get the look that you want and all the benefits of great

Reed Obscure

Frosted vs ClearGlueChipinsulation from heat and UV. Some popular patterns include what we call P62 (which is a pretty basic bathroom glass), Rain, Glue-Chip, and    Reed.  You can certainly use patterned glass anywhere in the house where you might want less visibility. Obscure patterns are designed to block the view through a window but still let in a lot of light. Come down to our shop and showroom to see what we have available, or give us a call to set up a free, no pressure, on site visit for a quote on your windows.