As you probably are aware of, a well-insulated window helps keep your home’s interior comfortable while reducing costs on heating and cooling bills, and we at Glass-Rite of New Mexico are proud to share the following energy saving features of our Energy Quest Vinyl Windows:

  1. Non-conductive and heavy duty 3 ¼ inch vinyl frame
  2. Fusion welded frames and sashes to protect against air or water leakage
  3. ¾ inch insulated glass with the option for an Argon gas fill
  4. Edgetech Superspacer system that provides a double seal around the insulated glass; non-permeable Mylar backing prevents leakage of Argon gas
  5. Warm edge technology: the use of a non-metal spacer bar to hold two panes of glass together, minimizing heat loss

Due to their cold surface temperatures and higher conductivity, metal spacer bars are not used in the manufacturing of Glass-Rite’s Energy Quest Vinyl Windows. Instead, we use the Edgetech warm edge spacer system made of polymer foam with no metal content. This foam material has a higher surface temperature than traditional metal spacers, which results in a warmer window edge, reduced conductivity, a comfortable home, energy savings and lower monthly heating bills.

Additional benefits of warm edge technology and the Edgetech Super Spacer System as used in the design of energy efficient windows like Energy Quest Vinyl Windows are listed below:

  1. Reduced condensation at the bottom of the window. Condensation may inhibit growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria and therefore result in fewer allergies
  2. Reduced noise due to the foam construction of the warm edge spacer system
  3. 100% memory allows for expansion and contraction and maximum flexibility in extreme temperatures to help reduce thermal stress and breakage
  4. Lasts over twice as long as other dual seal systems and five times as long as single seal systems

Warm edge technology increases the thermal efficiency of Energy Quest Vinyl Windows and helps keep your home comfortable all year long. To learn more about our Energy Quest Vinyl Windows with the warm edge spacer system, or to get a free estimate on replacement windows for your home, please contact us at Glass-Rite of New Mexico.