What’s The Right Way To Clean Glass?


Glass-Rite has many different types of energy efficient insulated glass units, and they all use the same basic cleaning method.

To Wash the Glass

  • Use our super no-streak Glass-Rite cleaner available here at our shop!
  • You can also use a pre-mixed vinegar based solution, or make your own with one part white vinegar to 10 parts water.  You can of course also use any ammonia free glass cleaner like Windex or Sparkle.  Apply cleaner to a soft, lint free microfiber cloth or paper towel.  Feel free to be generous with the cleaner, but avoid getting any solution on wood frames.
  • Rub cleaner around in several different directions.
  • Rinse window with clear water if streaks remain after cleaning.
    • Do not use glass cleaners that are ammonia or alcohol based.  They may leaves streaks or make a film that attracts moisture or dust.

Spot Cleaning Glass

Ways to remove any marks from grease, oil, tape adhesive, crayons or paint, or any other marks from plastic that may have come into contact with the window.

  • Apply a small amount of a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Bar Keepers Friend, or Murphy’s Oil Soap to a clean wet cloth.  You can also use a solvent like acetone or mineral spirits applied to a clean dry cloth or paper towel.  Our installers use Soft Scrub in the field!
  • Rub on the areas of glass that need spot cleaning.  Avoid getting any cleaners or solvents on wood frames.
  • Wipe clean using a clean, dry lint free microfiber cloth or paper towel, and then clean the glass normally.
    • You can use a razor blade to scrape off stubborn materials.  But be sure to use a brand new blade!  Using an older or used one can leave permanent marks or scratches on the glass that could cause glass breakage.