The right windows can transform a home by adding light, beauty, and style, while providing a bird’s eye view of the great outdoors. Now, with Auralast Wood windows—made with wood that does not rot— you can enjoy a lifetime’s worth of worry-free views.   auralast_does_not_rot

Glass-Rite, the window replacement experts in New Mexico, is proud to be a distributor of Jeld-Wen wood windows. Rather than chemically dip-treating windows, Jeld-Wen uses a vacuum-pressure method to distribute protective ingredients to the outside AND the inside of the wood for surface-to-core protection against rotting. Jeld-Wen guarantees these AuraLast wood windows against rotting for as long as you, the original homeowner, live in your home. This same process also repels termites and provides superior resistance to water resulting in windows that open and close easily even in rainy, wet weather.

Without a doubt, Auralast Wood windows make sense for your home, but did you know they also benefit the environment? While other window manufacturing processes treat only the surface of the wood dipping them in vats of petroleum-based fluids, Jeld-Wen’s exclusive water-based process protects throughout the wood yet uses a smaller amount of preservative.  Its closed-loop system reduces volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) by 96% as compared to dip treating, and Jeld-Wen wood windows are built sustainably with SFI certified pine and Energy Star options.

Glass-Rite offers Jeld-Wen wood windows that are custom built to the customer’s specifications and design preferences with four product lines and a variety of options to fit any style or budget.

The four Jeld-Wen wood window product lines are listed below:

  1. Custom Wood:  8 styles built from AuraLast Wood (Pine); available in multiple wood species, specialty shapes & sizes, and 41 clad colors.
  2. Siteline Ex Wood:  7 styles with numerous options including AuraLast Wood (Pine), Alder or Douglas Fir; 21 clad colors, grilles, and Energy Star.
  3. Tradition Plus Wood: 6 styles built from AuraLast Wood (Pine); available in 9 clad colors with the Energy Star option.
  4. W-2500 Wood: 4 styles built from AuraLast Wood (Pine); options include 7 clad colors, 10 interior factory finishes, decorative grilles, and Energy Star.

Contact us today for a free estimate on Jeld-Wen wood window replacements for your home.  When you order Jeld-Wen wood windows from Glass-Rite of New Mexico, you are guaranteed the practical and long-lasting elegance of AuraLast Wood combined with our excellent customer service, professional installation, and nearly 30 years of experience.