condensationModern home building materials including energy efficient windows “seal” a residence providing significant savings on heating and cooling bills.  However these same advantages can result in an occasional increase of window condensation due to higher levels of indoor humidity. In this article we provide tips on preventing window condensation from the Albuquerque window replacement experts at Glass-Rite.

Condensation is evident in the presence of water, frost, or ice on a window; its frequent occurrence may indicate high humidity levels. Today’s construction materials insulate a home to keep it airtight and comfortable but may result in increased interior moisture.  Also, modern conveniences like washers and dryers, bathroom showers, and kitchen stoves add to humidity. When warm humid air meets a cooler glass surface, condensation occurs.  There are ways of controlling the humidity in your home to decrease condensation.  New Mexico’s Glass-Rite recommends the following to actions.

  1. Consider replacing windows with dual paned insulated glass. A high quality Low-E glass window greatly reduces condensation.
  2. Ensure dryer vents are sealed and aimed toward the outside of the home.
  3. Repair and seal any cracks in walls or basement floors.
  4. Open a door or window, curtains and blinds, and run ceiling fans to increase ventilation.
  5. Utilize kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room exhaust fans for longer periods of time.
  6. Install and use a dehumidifier.
  7. Check caulking on windows with visible condensation and repair if needed.
  8. Keep plants in rooms used infrequently in cold weather and leave interior doors open.

At Glass-Rite we use the Edgetech Superspacer system with Argon gas and a double sealed Mylar backing in manufacturing our energy efficient replacement windows.  If condensation is a problem we encourage you to assess your current windows and your approach to controlling humidity.  If you are considering replacement windows, contact us as we are an experienced energy efficient window provider serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Southern Colorado.  Manufacturing and installing custom aluminum and vinyl windows since 1984, we are happy to provide a free, no obligation estimate on replacing your windows. Contact us today or stop by our window showroom for a tour.