Glass- Rite Aluminum Windows

Aluminum window frames continue to be popular in New Mexico, and we still manufacture Commercial grade Bronze Aluminum windows here in Albuquerque.  The Bronze frames are recognizable and common in many parts of our state.  In some cases we come across homes that still have well insulated Aluminum windows that were put in many years ago.  In these jobs the customer may only want to replace a few windows, and would prefer that they match the existing units.  Instead of being able to offer minimal choices, we are able to provide the customer with a replacement that will match their home.

Our Commercial grade Aluminum frames are manufactured with the new technology of a thermal break.  Thermal breaks prevent the frame from conducting as much heat or cold, while also reducing condensation. In addition, thermal breaks have significantly decreased aluminum frame u-factors or heat loss rate which is especially useful in our hot New Mexico climate.

Our thermal break aluminum windows are available in dark bronze only.  Though  aluminum windows are generally stronger than vinyl, they are not always as efficient at blocking outside temperatures, even with thermal break technology.  The frame, while being a harder material than vinyl, may require some maintenance and touch-up paint occasionally.  We use the same high quality energy efficient Low-E glass in our Aluminum windows as we do in our Vinyl units.

For our customers who have the older Aluminum framed windows and don’t want to replace every window in their home, our Commercial grade Aluminum window is an excellent choice.  The sleek frame on the Aluminum windows has a thinner profile than the Vinyl units, so it provides more glass area.  When you’re looking at replacement windows keep in mind that Aluminum is still an option, and it is still a good one.  Please call us at Glass-Rite for a free estimate on your replacement window project, or come down to visit with us in our showroom.  We’re also happy to take you inside our factory so you can see how we manufacture our units first hand!