Made In New Mexico, For New Mexico

Glass-Rite has been doing business in New Mexico for nearly 30 years now and we have always made windows that are designed to function well in our unique climate.  When we made the decision to upgrade our vinyl window line we took a hard look at what features we wanted to include.  There are weather and temperature phenomenon that are very specific to our state, and we wanted our window to be well suited for all of it.  Our Energy Quest window system made by Glass-Rite is a state of the art design that is up to the task.

Our new frame features an advanced interlocking sash design.  When the window is shut and locked the frame pulls against itself to create a very tight seal.  In the interlock is a thick aluminum reinforcement that secures the locks, but also makes for very effective forced entry resistance.  We’ve added multiple rows of weather-stripping to reduce air and dust infiltration to the frame, as well as a new drainage system.  We are using what we call a dual weep sill drainage system that is designed to carry water away from the window while also reducing air and dust.

Here in New Mexico we have some unique weather, as well as some unique construction designs.  Where else do you have stucco homes that get hit with our monsoons?  The water would sit on top of a frame or seep into the stucco creating unsightly stains and sometimes rot problems.  For this unique issue, we came up with a unique solution.  For homes with a stucco exterior that is not going to be redone after window replacement, we designed a special flange that would help with drainage.  Lots of vinyl windows have what is called a ‘flush-fin’ or ‘stucco-flange’ but ours is one of a kind.

The flush-fin on any window is useful for stucco applications because it covers any kind of breakage in the stucco that may have occurred when the old window was removed.  If you are not planning to re-stucco after you get windows this is a great option.  You don’t need to match or patch stucco with this option either.  This application is fairly common, sometimes even when it is unnecessary because this type of window is easier to install than some others.  Windows you might see that have a very wide plastic frame are in most cases windows that have been installed this way. 

We understood the need for this application, but wanted it to function better.  We reduced the width of our fin, and gave it a contour to match the beveled frame design of our new window.  What is completely unique about our fin is that instead of just being a flat piece of vinyl it has hollow chambers to help with drainage.  When water gets to our flush-fin it flows through the fin hollows and into the windows main frame weep system.  This design is unique to our windows and we engineered it specifically for that particular application.

We also designed our new frame to have a narrower site-line.  What that means is that we maximized the glass area while still maintaining optimum solar heat gain and thermal performance.  We know the view is important.  Who would want to block those skies?

Our new Energy Quest design by Glass-Rite is well suited for our daily temperature swings as well as our unpredictable weather.  We set out to design a window specifically for New Mexico and we couldn’t be happier with the result.  Give us a call to set up a free, no pressure on-site estimate and see what we can do for you.  Please feel free to come visit us at our factory and showroom if you’d like a hands-on look at our windows.