Since windows and patio doors are the only things Glass-Rite installs, we know how to do it right! We don’t do siding, stucco, sunrooms, decks, or additions: we do window replacement and window installations, every day, in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Espanola to Las Cruces, and all over the state of New Mexico! When you choose Glass-Rite, you will get a well-trained, professional crew that will come and replace your windows quickly, with minimum disruption to you and your home.

The way your window is installed is critical to how well it performs. At Glass-Rite we do not subcontract out our installations – all installations are done by our own crews. Glass-Rite has been performing window replacement in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area since 1984. We know how to replace those old steel casement and aluminum windows on stucco homes and have developed methods of removing window frames that leave little or no damage to the stucco in most cases.

Instead of trying to make standard sized windows fit, Glass-Rite will custom size each window so you can be assured that your new windows will fit properly. In addition, because we are a local Albuquerque manufacturer, if something is not just right, we can correct it right away.

If your home was built before 1978 it is required by the EPA that the windows be tested for the presence of lead based paint before any work is done.† The toxic effects of lead based paint can vary anywhere from anemia, to neurological effects that would impair motor function, to digestive issues and even reproductive problems.† With all these risks it is very important to not only test for presence of lead in paint, but also to test accurately.† Testing for lead should always be done by a certified professional trained specifically for this process.† In order to be a certified specialist there is a course provided by the EPA.† Most states, including New Mexico, require that a lead paint inspector be certified.† At Glass-Rite several of our employees are EPA certified to test for lead paint.† Click here to learn more about the process.

Here are some step by step examples of how we do window replacement. If you want to know how we would replace the windows on your home, contact us and schedule a time for a free estimate.

For How To Guides on Installation click here.