Coming Soon at Glass-Rite         

This year we will be introducing a new line of vinyl windows.  We have a chance to upgrade from our already amazingly efficient product to something even better.  Why change now?  In 2014 the Energy Star program will require stricter energy performance criteria than is in place now to qualify for the Energy Star label.  Our new Energy Quest window line meets that proposed criteria today.  We are always striving to provide the best products with the best energy savings for our customers.

Performance Defined
The rate of heat transfer in a window or door system is called the U-factor, and the lower the number, the better the unit will perform.  Windows and doors are also rated based on solar heat gain coefficient, which is the amount of solar radiation allowed through the window.  In warmer climates (like us!), solar heat gain can warm air-conditioned indoor spaces causing energy ineffiencies.  By combining multiple thermally optimized components, such as dual-pane glass units with Low-E coating, argon gas fill and a non-metallic warm edge spacer, the efficiency of the entire window will be optimized.  At Glass-Rite we already carry such glass units, and will be focusing on updating our window frames and weather-stripping.

Style and Efficiency
Our new frame will have numerous style and frame accessory options for interior and exterior trim and mulled units.  The sash interlocks at the meeting rail create an engineered air barrier, while a narrow profile design maximizes the glazing area.  This means there will be more visible glass for a larger viewing area.

We will also be able to offer more window styles that we can manufacture on-site.  In addition to our tilt-sash Double-Hungs, Single-Hungs and Horizontal Sliders, we will be able to manufacture casement and awning windows in our factory, and will also be producing special shape windows (half-round, full-round, trapezoid etc.)

Thinking Ahead
This new Energy Quest vinyl window line will also allow us to continue to update our available options.  As more color choices become standard it will be easy for us to incorporate them into our new line.  We also are able to incorporate different glazing options like triple-pane windows.  We are looking ahead to the future of Glass-Rite and we have the opportunity to build the most efficient product on the market.  We want to be able to offer our customers the very best, and though this is a big step for us, it is one we very much wanted to make.

We will keep you in the loop on our progress, and let you know when new options are available.  Check back with us here as we blog about it, or please come down to our factory and showroom and we’d be happy to show you around!