Have you thought about renovating your home recently, but thought it was just too big of a project to take on? That doesn’t necessarily have to be true. There are many small, fairly inexpensive ways to brighten your home and increase its value. One of those is by installing sliding glass patio doors as they can add aesthetic charm, improve light intake and add access to your home at a reasonable cost and effort.

Sliding glass patio doors offer homeowners and interior designers a way to bring the outside to the inside of a home. According to Ducker Research, sales of sliding glass patio doors increased by as much 20% within the last decade, showing that more and more consumers choose to install them in their homes. Whether you desire to install dramatic glass walls or just want to open up a room, sliding glass doors offer many benefits as outlined below. 

  • Size – Sliding glass patio doors can range in size and can be installed side by side to create the appearance of a larger opening. They provide a generous doorway for large items and offer the versatility of up to 3 regular doorways.
  • Space – Sliding glass doors have no hinges so no additional space is needed in order for them to swing open. Floor space around the doors can be used for decoration or storage if desired.
  • Transparency – Sliding glass doors provide a better view of the outdoors than French or traditional doors due to thinner frame options. They allow sunlight in and enhance the natural appeal of a room.
  • Energy Efficient – By equipping the sliding glass door with screens you allow more air to pass through on breezy days, which can help reduce air conditioning costs. In addition, the advanced technology of new sliding glass doors makes them incredibly energy efficient.

Sliding glass patio doors can be made as either vinyl sliding patio doors, or wood clad sliding glass doors, both of which are made with Low E glass to conserve energy. Each material has its advantages while wood clad offers more decorative options. Glass-Rite in New Mexico offers in home estimates, multiple sliding door choices and expert advice on all your glass door and window needs. Visit the Glass-Rite showroom in Albuquerque to view a full selection of windows and doors.