One of Glass-Rite’s most popular products is thermally broken aluminum frame windows and in this article we explain what the term really means and the benefits of these windows.

Thermally broken refers to how the window is constructed. More precisely, it is manufacturing the aluminum frame window with a barrier in between the inside and outside window frames that will prevent the conductive thermal energy loss.

As a basic premise to energy loss in windows, consider this; heat by nature wants to flow to a cooler space. What this means for a window is that in the summer time the heat wants to flow from the hot exterior into a cool interior, and in the winter the heat inside wants to escape out into the cold. The above-mentioned thermal break creates a resistance to this natural flow, and together with double-glazing, assists in keeping the space at the desired temperature. For a consumer, the end result is lower energy cost and a more comfortable home.

Glass-Rite’s custom aluminum frame windows are especially made to withstand the high winds in New Mexico and can be manufactured in a variety of styles. We offer single hung aluminum windows, horizontal sliding aluminum windows, fixed aluminum windows and casement/ awning aluminum windows. All our aluminum frame windows have ¾” insulated glass and a 2 ¾” frame in a dark bronze finish.

If in need of a great thermal window frame option, please contact us for a free no–obligation quote or visit our showroom in Albuquerque where you can experience our product offerings first-hand.