There are different things to consider when researching and selecting a window contractor for an upcoming window replacement project and below is a list of our recommendations.

Finding a good window contractor– A qualified window contractor will more than likely have a yellow pages advertisement or a website.  So, start by conducting a web search, which is an easy way to find a list of suitable companies from which to begin.  If a contractor sticks out, check what local associations they belong to such as: the Home Builders Association.  Also look them up on an independent and honest forum like Angie’s List to see what previous customers have said about the company.  Good window contractors will usually have a decent online presence with several positive reviews.  If you can’t find much information about a window contractor online, it isn’t an absolute, but that may not be a great sign.

Gathering bids– Getting several quotes for your replacement window project is a good way to see what might work best for your needs.  Not only will multiple bids provide a good price comparison, but it also can be educational in terms of the different types of window replacement options available.  A good window contractor should be willing to work with you, and will do their best to stay within budget.  It’s tough to deal with contractors who play the “today only price” card or advertising special.  Here’s a typical story: “You’re getting this price because we want to use your home as a method of promoting us in your neighborhood.”  Do not be pressured.

What to consider when reviewing the window replacement bids– In the process of getting a window replacement bid, looking for the lowest price tag is not always the best answer. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is being left out?
  • What shortcuts are being taken that will come back to haunt me?
  • Does this bid reflect what I have asked for and/or been told?

A common sign of trouble begins with a window contractor whose prices are much less than the other bids acquired.  This also covers the contractor who requires excessive amounts of money up-front, which may indicate they are having financial problems.  As with most industries, low price does not always equate to good value.

What questions to ask a window contractor– When communicating with potential contractors, ask how much experience they have, or how long they have been in business.  The usual answer, of course, is “lots of experience!”, so ask follow up questions to get specifics.  The best real answer is often anecdotal and comes from the contractor’s past clients, so ask for referrals.

Make sure when comparing multiple bids that they all represent the same type of product and services.  A bid for a lower grade window with clear glass will certainly not be the same as a quote for premium grade Energy Star rated windows.  Make sure to compare ‘apples to apples’, and pay attention to specific product details.

Ask questions about the warranty that comes with the windows. Is there a separate warranty for the labor?  What kinds of issues are covered?  Will the window still be under warranty in 10 years?  Most companies are willing to supply a copy of their warranty, so make sure you get something in writing.  Be sure to understand what the warranty will cover, and what it won’t.

At Glass-Rite, we offer free, no pressure estimates for any sized window replacement projects, whether you need wood windows, aluminum windows or vinyl windows.  We’re happy to supply referrals as well as the addresses or maps of reference projects in your neighborhood.  We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and our professional crew knows how to remove old windows with the least disruption to you and your home. Glass-Rite is family-owned and operated and is totally committed to quality products and service.  Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.  If you’d like additional help in determining which window is best for your New Mexico home, contact our office. We’ll be glad to walk you through a window comparison and installation plan that works within your budget and provides long-term purchase satisfaction.