The windows in your home do more than let in light; they provide insulation and protection from the weather outside. Homeowners with wood windows can get the most out of their investment by opting for wood clad windows. The term clad window, or clad exterior window, refers to protective exterior coverage for wood windows, and are made from several types of materials. Many homeowners opt for Jeld-Wen wood clad windows for an attractive, low maintenance exterior while maintaining a beautiful wood interior.

Types of Clad Exterior Windows:

In order to make an educated decision about which wood clad windows are best suited for your home, it’s important to understand the differences between each of the materials. The bullet points below outline the different materials used to create clad windows and the benefits homeowners get when choosing these over wood windows.

  • Extruded Aluminum— the most durable and strongest of options; this material maintains its shape through extreme temperatures, and it’s staunch thickness makes it dent resistant.
  • Roll-Form Aluminum—a low cost, thinner alternative to extruded aluminum, but it has the tendency to need paint touchups to keep it looking its best.
  • Vinyl—often referred to as PVC, it has an outstanding ability to repel water, keeping the wood dry. Vinyl expands with heat and cold, but it has a tendency to fade over time.
  • Composite Fiberglass—one of the newest materials on the market for clad windows. It expands and contracts with the glass to create an airtight seal with no leaks; composite fiberglass is so strong and durable, its only downside is that it cannot be shaped for intricately detailed windows.

Clad windows provide protection from the elements, but not all materials are created equal. Before investing in new windows for your home, weigh all the options, and remember even though you may spend more money up front on premium quality materials, their durability will withstand the test of time. For more information about Jeld-Wen windows, call or come by our Glass-Rite showroom today.