With windows and doors accounting for approximately one third of the homes “envelope” image-1or exterior surface making windows more energy efficient (high performance glazing) simply makes good economic sense. The days of cheap energy are coming to an end and we are seeing worldwide increased costs for fuel, for gas and for electricity. Not only does energy conservation make economic sense, it is what we need to do as responsible citizens.

Selecting the right windows for energy conservation, layout and visual appeal are all important when selecting what windows to use and their layout in the home. Energy savings is an integral part of the design and construction of today’s houses. A very important part of that energy savings has to do with the number and types of windows that are used. There is an important relationship between energy and windows as well as the form and function of the windows themselves.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency applies equally in summer and winter. In summer the goal is to keep the hot sun outside while in winter it’s to retain heat. Given the laws of nature heat will always try to escape or enter by the route of least resistance and in many homes this is via windows and doors.

Vinyl windowswith high performance glazing create the ultimate in energy efficient windows. Vinyl frames are highly resistant to the conduction of heat and cold. Low E glazing with warm edge spacer and argon gas not only keep it comfortable in your home but the Low E glass blocks UV radiation that can damage your carpet and window coverings.

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