700 Series Fixed Windows

General: Single Hung windows comply with AAMA/NWWDA 101-I.S.2-97 specifications for H.S. C-30 designation.

U factor Of .30 Solar heat gain coefficient with Lowe .21/.30

Air Infiltration less than .1cfm/ft

Glazing: windows shall be glazed with dual seal 3/4″ insulated glass with argon between panes.

Insulated glass to have Edgetech warm edge spacer as secondary seal with Butyl primary seal.

All glass to be glazed with double sided adhesive glazing tape on exterior, retained on interior with snap in glazing bead.

Glass thickness to be 1/8 double strength up to 18 square feet.  Over 18 square feet thickness will be 3/16 and over 24 square feet will be 1/4 inch.  Limit for fixed units is 35 square feet.

Frame / sash To be manufactured from high impact modified UV stabilized polyvinyl chloride.

Extrusions in compliance with AAMA 303-95. Typical wall thickness is .078. Main frame width 3.375″

Exterior 1.5″ welded Flush fin available. Nail fin setback is .75″ from outside edge.

All frames and sashes are welded together at corners.  Frames have a sloped exterior sill.

Certifications: Labeled and certified by the NFRC. (National fenestration rating council)

Windows meet D.O.E Energy Star standards for all 50 states.

All insulated glass is SIGMA certified and independently tested for Argon retention and seal quality