Although Glass-Rite’s replacement windows are close to being maintenance free, they may become dirty as any other item exposed to atmospheric and household conditions. Window upkeep includes keeping replacement windows clean & dust free not only to maintain their appearance but also to keep them functioning properly.

Installation Maintenance of Replacement Windows

Check the exterior caulking of your replacement at least once annually. If necessary, re-caulk area where needed. Pay particular attention to the tops and bottoms of the windows or anywhere that water is likely to accumulate. Glass Rite recommends using a high quality silicone caulking.

Normal Replacement Window Maintenance

If you have a replacement window inside the shower area, be sure and use a curtain to keep water from hitting the window – it may cause insulated glass to fail prematurely. Replacement windows are designed to get wet on the outside not on the inside.

Frames & Panels:

  • Wash frames with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush.
  • For difficult dirt and stains on windows and on exterior caulking, Fantastik or Murphy´s Oil Soap is recommended. Avoid using household cleaners containing harsh abrasives, strong detergents, or solvents.
  • Keep tracks and sills vacuumed or dusted to keep sliding panels operating properly.
  • Lubricate rollers on a periodic basis with a light machine oil (WD-40 not recommended).

Make sure that tracks and sills are free of dirt, debris or anything that might obstruct the window´s drainage system. It is important to keep the “weep holes” both inside the frame, and outside the window, where the water drains from the window, operating properly.


  • Windex or a similar glass cleaner or vinegar diluted in 8 parts water is recommended to clean glass.
  • Avoid using sprinklers or garden hoses around windows. Local water contains a high mineral content and can leave spots on the glass which are very difficult to remove.
  • Avoid excess humidity & keep home well ventilated to prevent window condensation on interior of glass.
  • Do not use any acid based glass cleaners!

Removing and Installing Screens

The screens for Glass-Rite replacement windows can be removed either from the inside of the house or the outside, and the screens them selves are inter-changeable. However, most people prefer to have the pull-tabs on the side of the screen frame towards the inside of the house. On the opposite side of the screen frame from the pull tabs there are concealed tension springs, usually located in the center meeting rail. To remove a screen, compress these tension springs by pressing the screen frame into the window and then using the pull-tabs to get the corner of the screen frame out of the window. Repeat this to get the other corner of the screen out and then remove the entire screen.

To put the screen back in your replacement window, start by sliding the side of the screen with the tension springs towards the center of the window. Compress the tension springs by pressing the screen frame opposite the pull tabs and use the pull tabs to get the corner of the screen into the window, repeat for the other corner.

All of us at Glass-Rite would like to thank you for your business and for choosing our high-quality, energy-efficient windows. If there are ever any questions or concerns about the care or warranty of your Glass-Rite windows or about window performance, please feel free to contact us or stop by our showroom in Albuquerque. If you need window repair, call our service department for assistance.