Glass Rite French Doors are a charming and valuable addition to any home.They maximize those picturesque views and bring more light and warmth into your home.

Glass rite French Doors can change the whole essence of your living space and with our highly efficient and unobtrusive door seals they are an ideal blend of the visual and the practical.

Glass rite has a wide variety of French door styles with matching sidelights and a great selection of opening options to choose from.

French Doors are an elegant addition to any home. Use them for kitchens, living areas or bedrooms that open out onto balconies. The rich, natural look of timber compliments the classic styling.

If you are looking for French style doors, we like to inform our customers up front that vinyl is not usually an option.  Because of the weight of the glass in the swinging panels, French style doors are not built in vinyl as there is a possibility that the frame could warp.  Because of the heavy glass panels French style doors are typically built in metal, wood, or a wood clad-aluminum frame.

The wood clad-aluminum are the most popular, and is available in many wood types and color options.  The door itself has a stainable wood frame with an aluminum facing on the outside.  This is great, especially in the New Mexico climate, because it protects the outside of the door from the elements.

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