Glass-Rite Vinyl Fixed Window

Our Commercial Premium grade Vinyl Fixed windows are made at our shop right here in Albuquerque.  We build our windows down to the 1/8th of an inch and will never try to put a standard window into a non-standard hole!


  • The vinyl frames and sashes are fusion welded at all four corners for maximum stability.  This ensures that the frames will not leak air or water.  Our vinyl frames are a heavy duty commercial vinyl with a frame depth of 3 ¼ inches.  We use a metal reinforcement where the locks screw to the frame.  This also acts as a stabilizer so that the window will never warp or sag.  The frame of our Fixed window has a sloped sill on the exterior so that the frame will not collect dust, and they have a low siteline to maximize the view. Fixed windows can be mulled to other windows in a number of combinations.


  • Our vinyl windows come standard with an 1/8th inch double strength insulated glass unit including high quality Low-E glass and Argon gas between the panes.  The spacer we use is what’s called a Super Spacer, or Warm-Edge spacer.  This means that the material separating the two panes of glass is a thick foam-core spacer with a mylar backing, and a hot melt butyl secondary seal.  Unlike other windows that have a metal spacer, glass that is sealed in this way is much more efficient at blocking heat energy and has excellent Argon gas retention.  All our insulated glass units are SIGMA certified to ensure a quality seal.


  • Our vinyl windows carry a Commercial C-30 structural rating.  This means that they stood up to more rigorous testing than residential grade windows.  Our glass is double-strength, and the thickness of the vinyl wall on our windows is .78 thicker and stronger than residential grade windows.  Our vinyl windows with Low-E glass and Argon gas have a U-Value of .30, and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient from a .30 to as low as a .21.  All our windows are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, and our glass units are SIGMA certified.


  • Glass-Rite does not use sub-contractors, all our employees work in house for us.  We use a Stucco Fin or Flush Fin on stucco houses instead of a “stick on” angled trim.  Our crews use unique methods for reducing/ eliminating stucco damage during installation.  We use a non-expandable foam insulation with a high R value for great insulation.  We are a licensed and bonded New Mexico General Contractor License GB98 # 027856, and are fully insured with both workers compensation and liability coverage.


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