Windows with vinyl frames are a smart choice when considering new windows for replacement or for new construction. Unlike wood, vinyl windows and patio doors will NEVER rot, swell, split or require any painting. When compared to aluminum or fiberglass, vinyl will NEVER corrode, pit or again, require any painting.
Vinyl windows are pretty much completely maintenance free- just an occasional washing with mild soap (Glass-Rite loves Soft Scrub for vinyl frames) and your windows will look brand new for years.

Though vinyl windows offer better thermal performance than aluminum or wood windows, not all vinyl is created equal. All of today’s vinyl windows are made up of a compound of carefully blended additives and resin. The PVC resin is any recipes main component, and what is added to that resin is what truly differentiates long-lived windows from failures. The phrase ‘virgin vinyl’ is truly misleading and false.

A high quality formula compounded at optimum levels ensures a long life for your windows in the harshest of environments. This is important to us here in New Mexico with our temperature swings, dust and wind storms, and our harsh sunlight. At Glass-Rite we use MikronBlend® vinyl for our Energy Quest vinyl windows which has been formulated and time-tested in the field for the long haul. It’s blended to withstand the toughest conditions and standards. Ingredients like titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate provide UV exposure protection while stabilizers prevent degradation and protection from discoloration. Impact modifiers provide stability and protection from cracking or shattering. What you end up with is a vinyl that flows better when extruded to give the smoothest possible finish.

A smooth finish on vinyl windows is important, because the smoother the vinyl is on a microscopic level the less opportunity there is for pitting and discoloration. A smooth vinyl frame won’t readily collect dirt, grime and pollution.

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Are there ways to cut corners and reduce material cost in the blending process? You bet. Unfortunately the lesser quality blends often look just the same as an optimal vinyl blend when looking at new windows side by side. Just a few years later though, after a few seasons of sun and weather, the truth will out- and then it’s too late. When shopping for new vinyl windows, be sure to check out the ratings and warranty of the frame.

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At Glass-Rite we use MikronBlend® vinyl because it provides us with peace of mind that our windows are going to look great and perform great year after year.
Come visit us at our factory and showroom to learn more about our vinyl windows, or please contact us for more information or to set up a free estimate!

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