Double hung windows from the EnergyQuest™ window system from Glass-Rite are perfect for openings that are taller than they are wide and where good ventilation is important. Glass-Rite’s Energy Quest windows have two operable sashes and a full screen. The top sash slides down and the bottom sash slides upwards. Our custom designed Constant Force Balance System holds the window sash open at any position and is not affected by dust.  Windows wider than 30” are equipped with two, double screwed cam locks or one Slimline auto lock.  Windows under 30” will have one lock of your chosen style. The Energy Quest double hung windows are triple weatherstripped to minimize air infiltration and keep dust and dirt out of your home.


  • Better ventilation because both sashes are operable
  • Easy to clean from the inside without removing screens. Perfect for upper story windows!
  • Full screens provide extra shading
  • A double hung saves outdoor space over a casement or awning window since it does not project outdoors
  • When combined with obscure glass for bath applications, being able to lower the top sash for ventilation does not compromise privacy

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