An Energy Quest picture window from Glass-Rite is the best way to capture an unobstructed, beautiful view. Energy quest picture windows can be made in many sizes and configurations to help maximize both the amount of light and position of the viewing area. The Energy Quest™ window system from Glass-Rite windows and doors is our state of the art design that utilizes multiple hollow chambers for increased insulation. The result is a thermally efficient window that offers superior resistance to heat and cold transfer. Glass-Rite’s unique design is well suited for New Mexico’s daily temperature swings.


  • Allows the maximum amount of light into your home
  • Picture windows are the most secure style of window
  • Most of the time picture windows are less expensive
  • Picture windows have VERY low air infiltration
  • Picture windows have the lowest U-value of any type of window
  • Great for unobstructed views
  • Interior snap in cover conceals installation screws

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