Energy Quest awning windows are ideal for openings that are square or wider than they are tall. Awning window sashes are hinged on the top and when the window is opened, the sash projects to the exterior. Screens are on the inside.  Our awning windows are triple weatherstripped to lock out dust and dirt to keep your home cleaner, and more comfortable.  The Energy Quest vinyl awning is a beautiful and efficient window well suited for New Mexico’s daily temperature swings, dust and high winds.


  • Awning windows have very low air infiltration rates.
  • Because an awning window is hinged from the top it offers protection from rainfall when open
  • Awning windows when combined with obscure glass can be opened without losing privacy making them perfect for bath applications
  • Awning windows are very secure with multi point locking systems
  • With the screens on the interior, the exterior look is architecturally pleasing
  • Hardware is color matched to the frame with nesting handles

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