Aluminum windows are also a good option for a wood window look with even less upkeep needed. Windows are considered by many to be the “face” of your home. Aluminum gives you an easy way to show that face the way you want people to see it. High quality aluminum windows from Glass-Rite have a thermal barrier in the frame to reduce conduction, this increases the efficiency of the window. A choice of PPG Solar ban 60 Low E or Solar ban 70 Low E will also help optimize efficiency.
Aluminum is exceptionally durable and impervious to expansion or compression due to changes in weather temperatures, moisture, or strong
The color of an aluminum window never needs painting and the material doesn’t contract, expand, bow, bend or twist even with the often severe changes in weather we get here in New Mexico. This can have a significant impact on your utility bills by not conducting the outside in or the inside out. Reducing utility cost was a major factor in making aluminum replacement windows such a popular choice.
Some Important Advantages
• Let’s the sun light up the room without the heat
• Can significantly increase the market value of your home.
• It can be a major sales point by appealing to a potential purchaser
• Extend living space: make each room agreeable
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