Glass-Rite has been making windows in New Mexico for over 33 years now and we have always made windows that are designed to function well in our unique climate. We have always stood by our warranties so we know what features work well with for the Southwest. We look for hardware that is unaffected by dust, like our constant force balance system, and double Nylon rollers that don’t require lubricant. Our Energy Quest window has triple weatherstripping to seal out dust and dirt and keep the interior of your home clean and quiet.

Glass Rite insulated glass is made with SuperSpacer, a premium silicone spacer that allows the unit to flex during our large daily temperature swings. Superspacer also helps deaden sound transmission and is the best rated spacer to retain Argon gas. Our Insulated glass is double sealed at our high altitude so you never get fogging between your panes of glass!

Our Vinyl extrusions use Mikron Blend vinyl which has been rigorously tested in the Arizona desert for over 20 years. Using vinyl that is tested in the Southwest is extremely important for the longevity of the window. Jeld-wen and Pella also get their vinyl from Mikron.

Our Plant Manager previously installed windows for years and ran our service department for years before that. He now runs our manufacturing, so he understands quality and its importance.

If you would like a guided tour of our manufacturing facility, please contact us at 505-764-9899 or go to our contact page and leave a request. We offer shop tours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm, or by appointment. Come see the care and knowledge that we put into our windows and get to know our team.