What Makes the Energy Star Insulated Glass Package So Effective?

Since 80% of a window is made of glass, a substantial amount of heating and cooling savings comes from improved glass performance.

  • Our combination of UV-filtering Low-E Glass, insulating argon gas, and a Warm-Edge spacer system creates significant energy efficiency.
  • Together they can cut damaging UV energy, which can lead to faded carpets, curtains, and furniture.
  • The center of glass U-Value of Energy Star Insulating Glass is 50% better than standard insulating glass.
  • In summer, up to a 58% reduction in solar heat gain helps cut air conditioning costs.
  • The result: Energy Star Insulated Glass Packages can help you save on energy and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable.

How does Low-E Glass work?

Low-E glass filters long-wave radiation from the sun. This reduces solar heat gain from the sun in the summer…keeping your home cooler:

IMG-2Low-E glass takes on a new duty in winter months. It lets warm solar rays into your home…while blocking the heat in your home from getting out:

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